Hi everyone!

Our names are Amanda and Tessa and some might say that we are best friends. It’s a bit of a funny story (like everything that happens to us) how we became friends. We grew up in the same town, had the same friends, played the same sports, but just never crossed paths. Our parents knew each other and were friends and were constantly telling us that we should be friends, but being the stubborn humans that we are we refused to meet. Especially since everyone that our parents usually wanted us to be friends with were losers. But low and behold, we finally met one summer when we worked at the same job and instantly became friends. Within the first few months of knowing each other we had gone on a camping road trip, almost got detained at the US border, and adopted a giant gatorade jug as our third amigo which we proceeded to name Zeb. The rest is history. We continuously get ourselves in weird situation no matter how hard we try not too. We love to travel, adventure, and  try new and exciting things. That paired with getting into weird situations has led us to have some crazy stories. So why not do what every millennial seems to do and broadcast our funny and sometimes terrifying stories to the world!




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